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Get your sticking started with GUARDE's ARRAY.

Designed to fit snugly into door sills, door handle cups, on metal utility boxes, or other "high-use" areas, there are endless possibilities as to what you can equip with GUARDE. Start protecting your adventure vehicle now!

GUARDE uses Peel-n-Stick application technology with a unique "bubble-free" adhesive. All GUARDE products are created with the highest quality industry materials and are manufactured in the USA.

The ARRAY kit comes with four MINIs and two OL' ROUNDYsMINI decals measure 2.2" x 4.8"; OL' ROUNDY decals measure 3.63" x 3.63"

Note: Extreme UV exposure may shorten the functionality of this product. As with all plastics exposed to outdoor UV rays, proper care and maintenance is recommended to extend product life.