• Pack your adventure vehicle "scuff-free."

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Pack your adventure vehicle "scuff-free."

Adventure Farther with GUARDE protective "Mini"

Scratch-free adventures!

Protect fenders from debris.

"Looks Factory!"

"The overall aesthetic it brings has provided a solution to a common issue of having key scratches on my inside handle while also elevating and enhancing the appearance of the vehicle!"

– Michelle

"I'm Sold!"

"I really liked how the Silverado looked with the Guarde added on! It really made a difference when I got in and out of the car."

– Lanna


Give GUARDE a try

Not sure if GUARDE is right for you? The function and durability GUARDE delivers can add life to your adventure vehicle for years to come. Why not start simple? Get started with "ARRAY." ; a small, easy-to-stick solution.